Posted on: October 1, 2008 12:58 am

Playoffs up next

So as of tonight we have the final playoffs set thanks to the White Sox shutting out the Twins in the play-in game.

Los Angeles Angels versus Boston Red Sox

Give the pitching edge to the Red Sox but the series to the Angels in five.  This series could go either way as any of them can but the keys for the Angels is to play the way they do and manufacture runs.  The key for the Red Sox will be the big innings.  Both teams have great starting pitchers but the Angels have a miniscule edge in the bullpen.  The Red Sox have a slight edge in striking out opponents but the Angels walk fewer opposing hitters.  Boston has knocked the Angels out the last two times these teams have played so at some point the Angels should win one and this should be the year.

Philadelphia Phillies versus Milwaukee Brewers

Give the pitching edge to the Brewers and I would say the series to the Phillies if I were smart but hey it is my glog lol.  Both teams are boppers and if the Brewers score while there pitchers hold the Phillies in check I like their chances.  The Phillies have everything going their way in the offensive categories so I will not rehash why they should win.  You can check the stats for yourself.  The Phillies also have the better bullpen so if the games are all close then the Phillies will most likely win.

Tampa Bay Rays versus Chicago White Sox

Give the pitching edge to the Rays but the offensive edge to the White Sox.  This series is definitely in the Rays favor and I look for them to come out on top.  Defensively they are more complete than the White Sox and they have the home field.  If the White Sox can ride the emotional wave of the last week and sneak a win in Tampa they could win this series but I think the Cinderella story continues.

Chicago Cubs versus Los Angeles Dodgers

Pitching on both sides will be the determinate factor in this series as they are both good for a short series.  Give a miniscule edge to the Cubs in starters and no edge in the bullpen as both teams will hope their starters go far.  Offensively the Cubs are the better team.  They have so many who can step up while the Dodgers must rely on only a few.  Both teams have excellent game managers.  I cannot see the Cubs losing this series but it should be a great one.  Go Cubs!

On a side note my Packers look a little bit out of sync thanks to injuries.  Hopefully they turn it around this week.

Posted on: September 20, 2008 3:23 pm

Today should be the day.

Today should be the day that the Chicago Cubs clinch the division.  There are two possible ways for this to happen.  One is for the Cubs to lose to the St. Louis Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers to lose to the Cincinnati Reds.  That is not the way I hope it happens.  The best hope is for a Cubs win at home over what has been their most diligent rival over the years.  I know it might not happen today of course but as an avid  fan I think and hope that this is the way and the day it occurs.

I hope you all have been following the posts that Dake has been putting up on Cubs from the past correlating them to the number of games to clinch.  Many memories there for sure.  Some way before my time and others that took me back.

This year has been an interesting one for the Cubs so far.  They have four batters hitting over .300 and the best averages belongs to a relief sometimes starter, pitcher in Sean Marshall followed by starting pitcher Carlos Zambrano then a backup first baseman in Micah Hoffpauir and finally the starting shortstop/utility player in Ryan Theriot.  Only two teams have hit for better average this year than the Cubs in spite of no single person carrying the team.  No Cub has hit 30 homeruns so far yet only seven teams have hit more.  The Texas Rangers are the only team to have scored more runs than the Cubs.

Pitching?  Well that too is an oddity.  We have Howry having the second worst year of his career with 6 wins.  No starting pitcher will win twenty games for the Cubs (Ryan Dempster leads with 16) and they have only pitched two complete games with only two teams below them at one.    No regular starter has less than ten wins.  They have one of the two no-hitters thanks to Carlos Zambrano.  Their team era ranks fourth in all of baseball with only the Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays ahead of them.

Taking everything into consideration the Cubs have played excellent team ball.  We as fans know there are many shining stars but they are the ultimate team in what they have accomplished this year. 

Thanks Cubs keep it up.  Go Cubs!

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Posted on: September 16, 2008 4:49 pm

Sports for me today

The Cubs got some unexpected time off and cooled off the red hot Astros.  I did like the fact that they took two of three from the Cardinals before the Astros but cannot say they looked great doing it.  they definitely looked good in the two games with the Astros albeit Houston was displaced to Milwaukee, they still only got one hit in the two games.  What a great set of games by the Cubs.

The Packers start 1-0 as does Brett Favre and the Jets. The Packers go to 2-0 over the Lions in Detroit this weekend so that looks good.  They get the Cowboys next who just might fail in Green Bay based on their Monday night performance defensively.

The Blackhawks are getting set for the season with a reasonable though still young team that will hopefully end their playoff drought.

The Illini look decent.  Not ready for the championship yet I would hazard a guess but deserving of being a top team.


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